Aufgrund unserer Ausbildung und beruflichen Erfahrung, durch die wir Zugang zur Wissenschaft, Forschung und Entwicklung neuer Produkte und Behandlungsmethoden haben, haben wir unsere Behandlungskonzepte sehr bewußt gewählt. Wir nutzen Produkte und Techniken daher nicht unkritisch, sondern wählen immer die Methoden, die biologisch und medizinisch voraussagbar und wissenschaftlich bewiesen funktionieren, auch wenn diese manchmal einen höheren Behandlungsaufwand erfordern. Der hohe Langzeiterfolg und geringe Beschwerden nach den Eingriffen rechtfertigen jedoch die Mühe und bestärken uns, dass dies der richtige Ansatz zu einer guten medizinischen Betreuung unserer Patienten ist.


We were able to qualify in our fields of periodontology, implantology, endodontics and oral surgery on absolute top level by our long, specialized activity at the university and international education. 

We are therefore in a position to incorporate our scientific and practical experience into our daily practice and to guarantee you a highly modern, but also absolutely well founded treatment according to the latest state of research. 

Implants, root canal treatments and regenerative therapy of gum diseases are among the most challenging and complex treatments in dentistry. Due to our qualification and experience in these fields you can feel well looked after! 

Prof. Dr. G.-H. Nentwig has been one of Germany’s top doctors in the field of implants since the Focus Ärzte Liste was established. 

Manufacturers and companies rely on our competence in the development of new products, you can benefit from it! 

Why go to a specialist

For many years, Dr. Nadine von Krockow, Dr. Florian Kunkel and Prof. Dr. G.-H. Nentwig have worked almost exclusively and intensively in the fields of implantology, periodontology and endodontics, thus achieving a qualification in these fields that allows us to treat patients at the highest international level. Due to our long university experience, we have a sound scientific education that helps us in our daily practice to assess your case comprehensively and correctly. 

We believe that actively participating in and shaping studies can only maintain a high level of treatment, which is why we are always in close contact with industry and science. 

As a specialised practice, we are technically equipped with the latest equipment so that you can expect minimally invasive, pain-free treatment from us, whether you are coming for an implant or root canal treatment. 

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