Dear patients 

are you worried whether one of your teeth can be preserved? Would you like to avoid a root tip resection? 

If your tooth is already missing or can no longer be preserved, would you like an optimal esthetic and durable replacement with implants? 

Dr. Nadine von Krockow, Dr. Florian Kunkel and Prof. Dr. G.-H. Nentwig are highly qualified specialists in root canal treatment, gum disease therapy and implants and can offer you an optimal result in these fields due to their excellent education and many years of experience. Through the use of modern techniques and innovative treatment concepts, it is now possible to successfully treat even previously failed therapies and large defects. 

We and our very experienced and competent team will do everything to make you feel absolutely comfortable in our practice. 

Talk to us and we will be very happy to find a solution for your specific condition together with you. 

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